The Army Ranger Experience


The Military Experience is designed to emphasize leadership, team and common mission via a specifically designed obstacle course that will be physically and mentally challenging but FUN.  It is designed for each member to be a leader, a follower, and an active contributor to the team’s overall strategy.  The course is appropriate for all levels of physical fitness and consists of both physical and mental obstacles.

Participants will be divided into small teams, introduced to their Observer Controllers (OCs), and complete a walk-through/talk-through of each obstacle with their OC.  The OC will demonstrate the obstacle and provide tips and/or safety considerations.  Teams will be given an allotted amount of time to strategize and develop a plan of action, considering their strengths and weaknesses, individually and collectively.

Each team will negotiate the course two times with the second run’s time determining the overall winning team.  A medal’s ceremony at the end of the day will celebrate the achievements of each team.

After the initial run of the obstacle course, the OC will facilitate an “After Action Review” (AAR), with the team conducting a self-discovery of successes, opportunities, and strategies for a better plan of action.  Teams will then renegotiate the course based off their AAR discoveries.  At completion, the OC will conduct the out-going AAR, sharing observations and exploring additional lessons learned.

The entire day will be supplemented with a catered breakfast and lunch, custom gear for each team, and medals.  The day will be a combination of the experience itself and rich debrief and story-telling to pull in the lessons learned from the Army Ranger Experience itself.