Individual & Team Assessment Tools


Assessment Services:
Latitude 35 Leadership’s Assessment Services complement our team-building, leadership training and consulting services, and are designed to capture data (qualitative and/or quantitative) which lead to clear and concrete actions for organizations, teams and individuals. We look to establish a clear return on investment for our clients by reflecting the change(s) and benefits our programs / services enable. We focus primarily on organizational and team dynamics, as well as assessing leadership and high performer / high potential capabilities. As clients seek to improve business or team performance, or build the “right team” for the project or task, we provide an independent perspective and a proven methodology. Our assessment tools include web-based surveys and assessments, focus group, and face to face methodologies. Clients can expect a simple process, clear and meaningful information, and recommendations for immediate and more long-term steps to move forward in a purposeful way.


Coaching & Professional Development:
Our Professional Development / Coaching services are designed to take an individual’s unique skills and talents and expand their impact within a team or organization through concentrated exploration and individual discovery. Our personalized approach ensures that each client gets the outcomes that he/she is looking for. Coaching clients can expect a detailed conversation in the beginning, where we lay out expectations, goals, objectives and timelines.  A personalized development/coaching plan is constructed and agreed upon and then enacted, including assessments (360 degree feedback / personal reflections), required reading and stretch goals. Bi-weekly or monthly “connection calls” help to ensure progress is being made and continued focus on improvement is maintained. Our Professional Development / Coaching services are provided on an hourly basis.  This pricing strategy ensures that clients are satisfied with the process and the progress.


Consulting Services
Latitude 35’s consulting services are designed to ensure that the momentum established at one of our leadership or team-building events can be shared within the client’s organization – strengthening and sustaining the benefit so that results can be driven to even higher levels of performance. Our consulting model is deliberately simple: Assess, Identify, Implement & Improve. Every engagement begins with a thorough assessment of the client’s anticipated outcomes, a review of the current state, an outline of the desired state, and the unique circumstances affecting performance. We work with our clients at the very beginning to define specific metrics of success. Once we’re familiar with the situation, our consultants work to identify obstacles (whether perceived or real) as well as immediate areas of opportunity and more long-term actions. We work hand in hand with our clients to build and implement solutions containing detailed action-plans with specified outcomes. Finally, we partner with our clients to ensure that there is qualitative and quantitative improvement to the metrics, as well as leaving the client prepared to continue the work on their own and gain even greater benefit.