The Ballooning Experience


Traditionally, going up in a hot air balloon was reserved for the romantic leisure enthusiasts, proposing to their loved ones or sipping on wine while floating over California’s vineyards.

However, what most do not know, is that their is a world of competitive ballooning, where participants of the sport work within their teams to race, navigate, and operate with precision their balloons to best the competition. The result has paved the way for our most beautiful and scenic leadership and team building program to date.

The Ballooning Experience, held world-wide, creates a program that focuses on team work in an ever-changing environment, working well together in close proximity, and understanding that although decisions must be made quickly in high-performance teams, they all have ramifications on the rest of your team members. The greatest teams are completely interdependent to one another, constantly reacting in a seamless fashion to decisions and actions made by their fellow teammates, and nothing personifies this better than our Ballooning Experience.

In this program, the experience of ballooning will have two sessions during a full-day experience. The first session will take place on the landing field where each team will be introduced to a deflated balloon and dismantled basket.  Teams are then asked to quickly assemble their basket and properly attach it to the balloon, in preparation for flying. Each team will have their own ballooning pilot who will be there to assist but not solve the construction challenge.  This  challenge will be discussed and debriefed back in the academic portion of the program.

The second session will be the ballooning experience itself, where teams will compete against one another by flying their balloons through a number of different challenges, directed and supported by their pilot.  Challenges include using maps and GPS to properly navigate through a series of cloud rings in the air, and precisely landing their balloons on a field target at the landing site. All these challenges will require specific leadership and teamwork initiatives, taught before, and deconstructed afterwards.

The Ballooning Experience is supplemented with custom shirts and hats for each team, a catered lunch, academic debrief, and an awards ceremony to celebrate the efforts and results of each team. Additional program supplements such as a sunset dinner or tour of surrounding areas are made available upon request.  Half-day ballooning experiences are also available. Please contact us for specific locations.