The Gold Cup Challenge


The Gold Cup Challenge (GCC) is our most popular team-building program for large groups or teams looking for a highly customized program to fit their off-site needs.  The GCC program focuses on creating small teams, and taking its participants through a series of competitive challenges.  Here, individuals can observe how they react to varying team dynamics, different perspectives, and the sense of urgency the competition creates.

No matter the size of the group, Latitude 35s leaders will divide all participants up into smaller teams of 5 to 7. Teams will then be given time to create a team identity, and objectives for the day, while discovering commonalities about one another on a more personal level.  After creating their teams, three to four rounds of challenges will be introduced.  Each challenge is designed to elicit certain leadership or team building traits.  Teams will find certain challenges easy as it plays directly to their natural team building strengths.  Other challenges will feel next to impossible as teammates will be required to extend beyond their comfort levels of leadership and team cohesion in order to solve a problem.  Each team will be awarded points based on their completion of each game and how they did in relation to thew other teams.

These challenges range from the physical to  the mental, and can be performed indoors or out, and in most environments. The physical challenges are not meant to be taxing, but rather get participants moving, and working around each other in close proximity. The mental challenges are often times riddles or word games meant to test the teams ability to analytically deconstruct problems for a solution.  All challenges can be customized in order to tease out specific lessons that will most greatly benefit the participants.

The challenges are supplemented by debrief sessions that further mine the metaphors the experience creates.  Here, Latitude 35 faculty will challenge participants to create a heightened sense of awareness for what is actually taking place within the team while trying to solve a problem.  The end of the day concludes with a medals ceremony and the presentation of the highly coveted Gold Cup to the team that accumulated the most points during the day.

The Gold Cup Challenge is designed to simulate real business challenges by creating chaos, stress, competition, and ever changing objectives and goals.  Much like the corporate world, teams must counter these challenges by working together and creating a positive energy that everyone can feed off of and leverage.  However, in addition to the learning that is taking place, this program creates a dynamic and highly engaging environment to increase retention and memorability that will be talked about by its participants for months to come.