The Impossible Race


The Impossible Race is a team competition similar to the TV show The Amazing Race. Participants will form teams of three that will compete for time along a race course which remains a mystery to the participants until they begin. Each team will be paired with a staff member who will provide guidance through the challenges, direction if necessary, and observations throughout the activity. The team that finished first or progresses the furthest will be declared winners.

Teams will be given clues and partial information to determine the next location they must visit, which may require teams to ask locals on the street for help. Once identified, teams will be allowed to travel by any means they choose to the location. Once they arrive, each team will be provided directions for a challenge that must be completed at that location before they receive information about where to travel next. The identification of locations and the team challenges will present unique stressors for the teams and will allow for flexibility in how they choose to cope. The race is purposefully structured to provide limited information to competitors—including how the stand in comparison to other teams—and to demand that they think flexibly and recruit external resources to succeed. While the competition will be fun and engaging, participants may face frustrations along the way, yielding information about their patterns of thinking when facing adversity and their ability to identify elements within their control.

Team challenges will include both physical and mental contests such as working as a team to build a structure with limited materials, finding specific information about a landmark, work together within communication blocks such as guiding a blindfolded teammate, and solving challenging riddles with time pressure. When appropriate, use of smart phones to solve challenges will be prohibited.