Leadership & Team Building

Our Cause is Your Reward

Latitude 35 Leadership is dedicated toward elevating managers to leaders with its hands-on instructional approach to leadership development. Business professionals can apply the training skills they learn in our programs to growing teams from average producers into work groups that achieve sustainable high performance.

Built around elite athletes, CEOs, Ph.D.'s, and other leaders of industry who understand the value of collaboration, Latitude 35’s participants experience "something larger" while partaking in our programs. Individuals have an opportunity to engage in a memorable adventure with their colleagues – a moment they can relive and share.

Why it Works

Creating Retention

Latitude 35 is about running leadership and team building programs that teams can benefit from far beyond the day itself. Latitude 35 uses a 50/50 approach, 50% academic and 50% experiential in order to teach leadership and high performance team building. Latitude 35 leverages the experiences of world-class athletes, CEO’s, and academics in order to properly identify, teach, and develop areas so participants can become stronger leaders or members of high functioning teams. The second half of the program gives participants an experience that allows them to safely test and push the limits of their strengths as leaders or teammates in a safe but challenging environment.

If new to management, our 50/50 approach gives participants the tools necessary to become great leaders. For veteran managers it's an opportunity to adopt new attributes based on their experience with us. This approach also adds value by putting each lesson in the context of a rich and memorable experience – increasing retention and strengthening the bonds with other team members. Still, without setting the proper environment for retention, we would be nothing more than a fun day outside of the office. But with retention we create an experience that can be built upon, and ultimately leveraged, for the success of those who participated.

what's with the name?

For those who have navigated 35 degrees latitude on both the northern and southern hemisphere, and found it lacking any significant markers, and wonder how we arrived at such an unusual name, let us enlighten you. Latitude 35 was born as a US trans-Atlantic racing team. The goal was to win a 3,000-mile, trans-Atlantic rowing race against seven other teams from around the world. And, if that wasn’t enough, set a new American record while doing so. The team of four rowers were united by a singular cause but lived in four different cities. But when you take the average distance in latitude of their locations you get more than a marker; you arrive at a very special name – Latitude 35.