The Rowing Experience

The Latitude 35 rowing experience is an exciting program that allows participants to use the sport of rowing to navigate the metaphors of leadership and team building. The rowing experience is dynamic and exhilarating and helps to increase retention without being physically demanding. Companies can customize programs to meet specific learning goals and courses can run a half day or up to five days in length, 

The Impossible Race

Latitude 35 offers a unique leadership development opportunity and team-building experience for participants who take on the Impossible Race, a hybrid scavenger hunt and series of team challenges, in the style of the Emmy winning CBS reality TV show The Amazing Race.

The program is thrilling, a bit stressful, but ultimately satisfying and transformative. Cooperation, responsibility, trust, and determination are the catalysts to thrive for participants as they navigate through the mental and physical challenges the race requires.

The Speaker Series

Latitude 35 is working with some of today’s greatest leaders and innovators to promote its Speaker Series. These are pioneers of industry, including both professional and athletic arenas. These are sometimes gritty, but always engaging, life-affirming stories that point the way toward building, leading, and participating in some truly extraordinary teams.

The Ballooning Experience

 The Ballooning Experience focuses on team work in a highly unpredictable environment. Each individual must recognize how their own and their teammates’ sudden decisions can have an immediate impact during a race, which literally takes place in thin air. This delicate balancing act of individual responsibility and team cooperation in an unstable environment, personifies the Ballooning Experience.