The Rowing Experience


The Latitude 35 Rowing Program is a perfect mix of experience and academic debrief that lends itself to a unique leadership and team building event, talked about and leveraged by its participants for years to come.

In this program participants will be divided up into their rowing teams, asked to create a team identity, a symbol that personifies them, and a goal for the day. From there Latitude 35s experienced coaches, rowers, and faculty work seamlessly with these newly developed teams to help them reach their stated goals, while learning to row as a crew and leverage their strengths for the collective betterment of the boat.

Each team will be coached by Latitude 35 on the water, taking participants through the proper mechanics, drills, and thought process required to row well together. Through these exercises participants are challenged in their unique leadership roles, determined by their position in the boat. How will individual team members react to the stress and seemingly chaotic conditions created by rowing together for the first time? How do team members change their individual behaviors in order to accommodate the crew? These types of questions, and many others are observed, analyzed, and challenged between coach and crew during the academic debrief sessions that supplement the day of rowing. Finally, a race between all crews, followed by a medals ceremony at the boathouse wrap up this dynamic day.

This program includes all associated venues and equipment, a continental breakfast and catered lunch, customized shirts and hats for each team, and medals for all. Participants need only to show up in athletic attire and let Latitude 35 and their highly accomplished leadership team take it from there.