The Sailing Experience


Much like rowing, but powered by the wind, our sailing program is ideal for groups looking to refine their leadership and team building skills in environments that are largely changing and often times out of their control. The sailing program can compete in both small boats and large depending on team size and comes fully stocked with Latitude 35’s World Class sailors.

Participants will learn all positions and responsibilities of small sailing boats.  In these small boats, although the skills are new and foreign, with less crew, control can be maintained easier, and by the end of the first sailing session crews are feeling well motivated to be challenged again.  However, the second sailing session asks that crews transfer this newly acquired skill into larger boats combining themselves with another crew. Here, decisions must be made quicker, more frequently, and have ramifications on a larger group of people.  All of a sudden communication becomes the challenge as teams in the morning, created their own language and flow, must now give up that ego for the betterment of this new larger team. The day concludes with a race in the tradition of some of the world’s greatest sailing regattas, between all boats on the water.

Academic debriefs and deconstruction of the sailing experience focuses on the outcomes of participant decisions and strategy. In this ever-changing and chaotic corporate environment, decisions must be made quickly and their results, often times seen immediately.