The Ballooning Experience

In popular imagination, hot air ballooning is almost strictly reserved for romantic enthusiasts proposing to loved ones while floating over, say, California’s majestic wine country.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that there is an entire world of competitive ballooning, a high flying, spirited competition in which teams compete with great cunning and precision to best the competition in order to win a race. Indeed, welcome to the Ballooning Experience – Latitude 35’s latest leadership and team building challenge, and perhaps the most unusual. 

The Ballooning Experience is a program designed for cultivating team work in a novel and ever-changing environment. Team members must understand that decisions must be made quickly in high-performance teams. Yet any decision made hastily can have lasting ramifications for success. Additional challenges include using maps and GPS to navigate through a series of cloud rings in the air, and precisely landing a balloon on a target at the landing site.

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