The Rowing Experience

The Latitude 35 rowing experience allows participants to use the sport of rowing to navigate the metaphors of leadership and team building. The program is dynamic and exhilarating and designed to increase retention without being too physically demanding.

Getting Started 

As participants arrive at the boathouse, they are divided into rowing crews and given time to build team identities. Crews are then introduced to their collegiate- and elite-level coaches and experienced rowers offer tutorials on the rowing machines. Individuals can receive specific instruction on mechanics while working together to establish rhythm and swing. Crews are then led to the docks where they glimpse the world class racing shells they will use and become familiar with the respective rowing positions. 

On the Water

After launching, coaches train their crews for high performance drilling and rowing as they would their own collegiate and elite teams. Opportunities arise for all participants to lead and be led by members of their team in a challenging yet safe environment. Each participant practices leveraging strengths, applying adaptive behaviors, and getting to know their teammates while building competency as a team, something that all high-performance teams work toward.

Rowing sessions conclude with an exciting race. After, the entire group engages in a constructive debrief session, tying together the day’s learning experiences. The day officially ends with a medal ceremony to celebrate each race and the completion of the program.

The Rowing Experience can be held virtually anywhere for almost any size group. Full-day programs and multi-day offerings include two rowing sessions a day.